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Make your project ideas publicly available so freelancers can reach to you


Once you decide to work with us, we’ll take care of everything


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We’ll run risk assessments to identify the action needed to mitigate the risk and increase productivity


We will be using negotiation, and creative thinking tactics to solve disputes

Our Skills

Why choose Ginta?

Do you have a project that you need to finish ASAP?

Finding talented people for a project is a nightmare for you?

You need a professional in no-time to finish a great job?

You got to the right place. At Ginta you'll find a pool of professional freelancers ready to jump in amazing projects. This way you can save time and money from actively looking for a professional workforce.

  • 01- Web development

  • 02- Mobile application development

  • 03- Arhitecture

  • 04- Business Analysis

  • 05- Cyber Security

About Us


Our mission is to create a community of freelancers, where each member will have support in their projects and possibilities to grow personally and professionally.

Create a nurturing environment that allows every team member his own freedom of choice of the projects he wants to work and make sure that freelancers have a support network focused on bringing them to the next level of performance.


A great community of professional freelancers who share ideas and insights, who socialize, give support to each other and make new business, and of course who won’t have to worry about not finding something to work on.

Ginta has dedicated people taking care of all administrative activities (accounting, CV maintenance, offer writing) which allows our freelancers to focus on their speciality.

Periodical training, team building and social gatherings should be organized with like-minded people.
Sounds good, isn’t it?


High ethical standards (truthful, honest, respectful of others, respectful of property of others, independent, accurate).

Work-life balance – at Ginta we know that in order to perform at your best, you need to enjoy life as well – spend quality time with family and friends, practice sports or spend time on your hobbies.

Professional approach in solving client requirements (certifications, methodologies, processes done “by the book”).
Make a positive impact in our society.

Ginta Professional Community

Our goal is to create a community of freelancers where both the most experienced freelancers and those just starting out can showcase their skills by taking part in projects that match their level of expertise.

The freelancing experience we have gained through hard work and at least as much passion has made us think of new ways to support freelancers to reach their potential and achieve professional satisfaction more easily.

Ginta is a new way to recruit skilled labour with minimum effort, time and money.

Our Team


Ioana Armean

Co-founder, Business Development Manager

IT Business Consultant with over 9 years of experience in analytics, BPM and PO tasks in various industries worldwide. Passionate freelancer since 2016.


Alex Armean

Co-founder, Cybersecurity Consultant

CISM certified expert in security management with over 15 years of experience in the field. He has a particular interest in cryptocurrencies.


Ionel Cioloca

Frontend Developer

With about 5 years of experience in the field, a sociable nature and passionate about everything new, completes our team.


Miruna Manoila

Visual Specialist

With more than 12 years of passion in design, Miruna brings to life brand identity, intuitive web and mobile interface design, and other graphics that fill the visual air of each project.


Mădălina Danciu

Marketing Specialist

Freelancer in Marketing for over 3 years, working with clients in New York, Cluj-Napoca, London and Amsterdam.


Alex Cadar

Product Delivery Specialist

Specialist in customer support, administration and product delivery, Alex Cadar is at your disposal with anything related to Ginta services.


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Lawyer Camelia Boerescu



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